Koka grew up in Tokyo. She enjoyed making things at a young age, and grew an interest in calligraphy at the age of eight after noticing her friends beautiful calligraphy skills. However, she quit after a year of being in the class. She again started to notice the beauty and excitement of calligraphy when she became a fifth grader at her elementary school.
She practiced for about eight years from the fifth grade all the way until her high school graduation, as she knew that she would not improve if she did not constantly practice.
After graduation, she met a new calligraphy master in New York. New York completely changed her views on the meaning of calligraphy. In the Japanese culture, calligraphy is seen as something used as a sense of formality, whereas in New York or the United States in general, calligraphy is seen as art. This caused her to explore what is considered art in the world.
To her, a beautiful character form, a character that is forming, characters that can be seen forever, or characters that aim for love, is what drives her. Looking at the works of other calligraphers or artists on social media motivate her. While she is in New York, her dream is to create works that express the meaning of the characters used in calligraphy. When Koka begins writing, she concentrates only on calligraphy, and completely shuts off the world around her.
When she writes, she always has a mission. How should she write the character? When should she stop? How should she stop? These are the things she thinks about as she studies. Currently Koka is teaching calligraphy to children in New York by volunteering, she is always thinking about what is the most suitable and best method for each student as it is the best way for the students to have fun. The legends of calligraphy, studying the classical works, expanding her world of calligraphy, finding characters that she believes is beautiful is what she will continue to pursue for the rest of her life as her lifelong dream is to become a calligraphy recognized in Japan, and in the world.

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