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Connect - Koka's Calligraphy footage from US cross culture 横断凱旋展

Koka, a Japanese calligrapher, will have her solo exhibition in Park Slope, Brooklyn. “Connect - Koka's Calligraphy footage from US cross culture” is about Koka’s cross-country tour by RV in 2019 Summer. She had performances, workshops, and lectures in 16 about cities. She wants to show that there are great relationships and communities between American local cities and Japanese local city through this exhibition. Koka’s calligraphy work and also the pictures and video that was taken during the tour will be exhibited.

Date: 11/21(Thu) - 12/1(Mon)

Location: J-Collabo 300 7th street Basement, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Opening Reception: 11/23 (sat) 4pm-6pm

Japanese calligraphy workshop: 11/23 (sat) 3pm-4pm

Tour report: 4:20-4:40pm Talk show with guest: 4:40-5pm

書道家光華がアメリカ横断の凱旋展をブルックリンにて開催する。彼女は今年の夏ニューヨークからロサンゼルスまでの道中、各地でパフォーマンスをし、日本文化の魅力を伝えるプロジェクトを行った。Connect - Koka's Calligraphy footage from US cross culture では、旅中の作品、写真、動画などを展示する。レセプション(11/23)では書道ワークショップも行う。

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